What's up?

Evidently, quite a lot if evidenced by my neglect of this blog. Christmas is always a crazy time, but still . . . mea culpa.

Anyhow, I've been reading, especially nonfiction. I finished up Woodward's book on Alexander Butterfield, THE LAST OF THE PRESIDENT'S MEN, and found it to be fascinating.  While the picture of Nixon that emerges is much less than flattering, I wonder why the American people are so quick to put lesser men into office. Is it because the candidates are just clever enough to hide their baser natures until it's too late for the masses to complain.? Or do we look for men who promise to give us what we want? I am totally befuddled by Nixon's ascension to power.  And by the men who hung onto his coattails and ruled by hook or by crook, as he so desired. The sheer ugliness of the man's personality is scary, yet his "men" would never have dreamt of saying no to him. Must admit, I keep seeing Trump in my head when I was reading about Nixon.

I am into ONE SECOND AFTER, which deals with the chaos that ensues after an EMP destroys the electrical grid on the East coast. Electromagnetic Pulse, in other words, an electronics-destroying event that will leave us in the dark and without communication. Though this book is fiction, it's scary enough to be real. I am going to be ready, especially since reading that ISIL has tried to crash our grid already. They failed, but only because they haven't yet learned the trick.  Don't laugh, but I'm dehydrating food as fast as I can. 

And stockpiling paper and pens. I can always write the old-fashioned way, LOL.