We saw CREED last night, and I thoroughly liked it. While the story wasn't earth shattering, it was well written. Small bits of dialogue mattered, and I would see it again just to pay more attention this time around. The fight scenes are amazing, and Michael B. Jordan is a wonderment. While Stallone is getting all the glory for his role (a still sentimental favorite, for sure), it's Jordan who makes the film real. I still remember him in Friday Night Lights, one of my favorite TV series, where he played a high school football star in East Dillon, Texas. Tessa Thompson (hope I have her name right) as the singer with progressive irreversible deafness, was just as good at holding her own against two such powerful male actors. What a surprise - woman love interest who has her own career, her own problems, and isn't afraid to tell the hero to take a hike while she concentrates on her own life.

Go see it while it's still on the big screen, if only for the fight scenes.