Somewhere, I can't remember exactly where, the poster was asking for photos of writing work spaces. Looking around my room (Yes, I have a writing room. However, it's also the business room, the doing-taxes room, the extra storage room, and the no-place-on-the-bookshelf-room-so-it-gets-stuffed-there room.  I swear, one day I'll empty it out and start over, but meanwhile, I thought it would be fun to point out all the stuff with which I'm surrounded. Everything has meaning to me, and I get a kick out of it every time I sit down at the desk to write.There's nothing earthshattering, by any means. It's just my personal picture of chaos. I'm very fortunate, and I know it.

To the right of my computer. My youngest painted the stilllife  in Middle School.
Filing cabinet to my left. Family pix, Vogler in outline form.
Michael Hague cheat sheet. Daytona race pix, my eldest daughter's
early self portrait from 20 years ago.

Also to my left, sticky notes and Mary Englebreit poster.
It says it all.