Book Buying Blitz

We need help. A group of authors who were once published by Avalon (now no longer, sigh) are posting books we've put up for Kindle on Amazon at 99 cents. Yes, you read that correctly. We're trying an experiment, to see if sales within a specified twelve hour spread make a difference in Amazon rankings.  If you all would be so kind, could you download (you don't have to read them if they're not your cuppa tea), the following books on the following days, starting today, between noon and midnight, PST. (For the Easterners, that's 3 p.m. to 3 a.m. the following morning.)

Here's a pix of the cover of my brand new, never published anywhere before mystery, on sale Monday. MURDER ON THE MATTAPONI.

Friday, September 21

Barbara Morgenroth
Mounted (Bittersweet Farm)

Blanche Marriott

Carole Hutchens

Flames of Deceit

Kathryn Quick
Braeden and Janne

Saturday, September 22

Christine Bush
Warning at Eagle' Watch

Fran McNabb
Selling as author name Fran Fisher
Forever My Love

Karen McCullough
Programmed for Danger
Joan Vincent
Honour's Debt
Sunday, September 23

Beate Boeker
Kent Conwell
Night of the Butcher

Rebecca B
Zombies for Breakfast

Monday, September 24

Tracy Dunham
Murder on the Mattaponi

Victoria M Johnson
The Substitute Bride
Mona Ingram
Gift Wrapped for Christmas