Denny Hamlin's Fourth Win and . . .

what does that mean for Gordon? Will there be a Chase without the iconic 24 car? It's hard to imagine. I bet there'll be a no-holds-barred free-for-all at Richmond next weekend, as Gordon claws his way over Kyle Busch. Can't wait. 

If there's any justice in the Nascar world, Carl Edwards is out of the Chase. I don't see any hope for him, not even if he wins Richmond, and I must say, I'm not upset. What goes around, comes around, right, Matt Kenseth?  I still remember Edwards' ugliness to MK at Martinsville, post-race, a few years back. As we used to say when a legal case went all wrong and the bad guy won, there is Divine Justice. No doubt about it.

Finally, it's a gray, rainy, humid, mosquito-rich Labor Day. What else did I expect? Time to tackle the desk and get back to work. . .laboring on a Labor Day. I like that. At least it doesn't mean childbirth. Been there, done that, no drugs either time. It was a lot more than labor, believe me.