Vacations, Verizon, and Injunctions

Vacation happened.  Yes, it's true. We took off in our loaded-to-the-gills SUV in a driving rainstorm, and it didn't improve much for the next five days.  Despite a thorough round of thunderstorms, we enjoyed doing nothing much for a week, reading tons of books, playing cards, and doing puzzles. I know, the most boring vacation on the planet, and it was, in all honesty, not what we'd planned. Hello, sun, sand, gentle lapping waves? Where were you?

But it's all good. We got out of town, and that's a plus in the dog days of August.  I'm not sure all the work it takes to get out of the house is worth it, (who knew there was so much laundry to be done before locking the front door?), but so far, it's a draw, and I'm fine with that.  I just wish I'd been disciplined enough to get some writing done.

Came home with one burning questions, however, and that is: how will an injunction on eight Samsung phones affect their current owners? My daughter has one on the banned list (and I'm betting the injunction is entered sooner rather than later), so we visited our neighborhood Verizon store yesterday to see what the contingency plan is.  I mean, if I were Verizon and I was expecting to lose Samsung phones from my inventory, I'd know what was what.

Nope. No one in the Verizon store had any knowledge of the Apple v. Samsung lawsuit, its outcome, and the pending request for an injunction.  We still don't know if apps will be available for the phones on the  hit list, if repairs and parts will be accessible, etc. Consumers, buy a Samsung phone at your own risk. Verizon ain't watchin' out for ya.

I'll get off my soap box for the moment. More brewing, but I must go pick up all the trash the dogs pulled out of the waste baskets.  They weren't happy about going on a doggy vacation of their own, and have been letting us know is several unsubtle ways for days now.