Kurt Busch

I've avoided thinking about what's going on with Kurt Busch, mostly because I don't know.  In a way, I think he's become a target in NASCAR, the driver with attitude (and they all have it, or they wouldn't be driving at that level) who has the bulls eye from hell on his back when it comes to the Powers that Be, i.e. NA$CAR.  

It must be said, the guy has a mouth on him.  Unfortunately, he uses it rather savagely whenever cameras or recording equipment are around. The language isn't all that unusual (anyone ever listen to Dale Jr berate Tony Eury Jr. during a race during his first year with Hendrick?), but Kurt has a way of twisting the bon mots around so they're particularly acerbic. I mean, the guy has battery acid in his voice when he's really ticked off. Crew guys  and crew chiefs don't like it, but it's part of the game with certain drivers.

Reporters, however, tattle. Or get tattled.  Dr. Jerry Punch didn't know a fan was recording Kurt's bullets of profanity, a video that got Kurt fired from Penske.  Bob Pockrass did ask a dumb question (for the fourteenth time, it seems, that Kurt had to listen to it), pushing the proverbial hot buttons that tripped the wire on Kurt's grenade. As Kurt explosions go, it was pretty tame and profanity-free.

But it was enough. Kurt knows he's a marked man.  He needs to bite his tongue until it's hamburger, or get out of the sport before he's ignominiously kicked out.  He's a wheel man, and I say, let him have the wheel. You know you get the mouth with the talent. (Joe Gibbs and Tony Stewart, anyone?) James Finch seems more concerned with wrecked race cars, and if Kurt gets the boot at Phoenix Racing, it'll probably be over the money issue with continually stuffing a car in the wall.

I imagine James Finch can curse with the best of them, Kurt being among the best.  I don't like the language, but I get that it's part of the culture.  They're probably two peas in a pod, James Finch and Kurt Busch. I hope they can make a go of it. Phoenix Racing deserves its time in the sun, and Kurt needs to get back to the UV rays spotlight.