Home Again

We're back from a VERY long road trip, to Green Lake, Wisconsin, Batavia, Illinois, and Evanston, Illinois.Green Lake was a nostalgia trip for my Beloved, who spent summers there as a child. Lovely place. Will post more later.

I wanted to mention a book I read in the car on the long drive, Fran Shaff's FOR LOVE OF MAGGIE. It's a sweet romance, but what makes it different is that the heroine is a single mom to a child with Down Syndrome. Everyone in the story (except for the lone bad guy), is motivated by love to help a child. Getting it right between the two
protagonists isn't easy. No bed hopping, though there's plenty of sexual tension. No profanity. It's a tough book to write, from an author's viewpoint, but Fran pulls it off. Far above your average romance.