Right to Peaceful Assembly

Recently, nonviolent protestors publically voiced their objections to the travesty that is the Virginia Assembly's vote to force women seeking an abortion to have an ultrasound. They stood on the steps of the Virginia Capitol. They waved signs. And they were attacked and arrested by police in riot gear. This is old news.

Last Sunday, members of several churches marched down Monument Avenue, an old, venerated street lined with massive statues of Confederate generals and Matthew Maurey (look him up, he's cool), and one weird bronze of Arthur Ashe batting at grasping children with his tennis racket. They joined to commemorate Palm Sunday, and waving palm branches, they gave voice to their religious beliefs. They had no permit that I am aware of. Police in riot gear were nowhere in sight.

So you can proclaim your religion on a public street, but you can't protest a new law in the making on state property. I guess mainstream religion is okay, politics that aren't popular aren't.

I wonder what would have happened if Wiccans had marched down Monument Avenue to celebrate the Summer solistice?