I confess, patience is not my forte'. I've been sitting on my tush at the Toyota dealer while the computer in my Prius tries to converse with the computer in my remote control. I don't know if one is speaking Japanese and the other, English, but it's not a quick process. I'm trying to chill, but . . . .

I've learned the hard way to be patient with a book. If it's not flowing, I have a bag of tricks to figure out the problem. Re-reading from the first page will usually reveal the plot problem that's stopping the story in its tracks. Sometimes I have the wrong hero, the wrong setting, or the voice isn't right. If none of those are the problem, I keep on writing. I don't worry about the words or what's on the page, because somewhere along the line, I'll start hitting it out of the park. Those pesky story-stoppers can try to make me lose my mind, but they won't win.

Because keeping at it is the only way to work through the hard days at the keyboard.

Now, if only my remote would speak to the computer in my Prius.