After fuming about those who decry Polanski's arrest on the thirty year old rape charge, I've decided to write off the moral idiots who think it's no big deal and Polanski shouldn't have to answer for what he did. Legally or morally. Who are they kidding? I'll no longer go to their movies/support any of the artists who signed the petition saying he should be set free. Since when is raping a thirteen year old and then running from the U.S. to avoid sentencing okay because you're an artiste? Yes, some creative people are complete jerks. Life with Robert Frost was no picnic. But does being a successful director/writer/poet give you a pass when it comes to the basics of civilization? Minor details like rape don't count if you're an Oscar (tm) winner? Sorry, I thought I'd dismounted from my high horse, and it appears I was mistaken.

Some of the nicest, moral, and kind people I've ever met are truly creative and successful. You don't have to be a cretin to be creative. And that's all I'm going to say on that!

I'm going through an episodic stretch with the book. I want to write scattered scenes, then link them together. For a plotter, this is anathema. I have no idea where this urge arises, but I'd better get it under control before I end up tearing my hair out and wishing I'd never started this book. I'm blaming it on Polanski, LOL.