Playoffs and Chase duds

The Folk Music Festival this past weekend was beyond stellar. From throat singers to Persian prayer music, there was enough different music to make any music fan happy. I'm a fan, but not a knowledgeable one, and all I know is, I loved it all. Good music, good food, a sunny afternoon, and happy crowds - yep, the day was a keeper. Wish I could bottle it and store it away for the gray, icky days - like today. Staring at a leaden sky and incipient rain, all I want to do is nap. That doesn't get the pages for today onto the hard drive.

Baseball playoffs make the evenings a TV marathon, and so far, the games have better announcers and more drama than the Chase format in Nascar. ABC is just awful when it comes to announcing the final races. To keep myself from blowing up and tossing the flat screen TV into the drink, I don't watch anything but the last few minutes. Yes, I know, that's heresy from a diehard fan. No, I don't care. Nascar signed the contract with the bozos calling the races, let them deal with the falling numbers of viewers.

What about Obama and the Peace Prize? I think he'll be even more careful about the next step in Afghanistan. After all, he now has a reputation internationally to protect.