Back to Rain, Drizzle, and Yuck

After a fabulous week in the sun, it's back to the Real World. While pining for sunny Mexico won't get the laundry done, at least I'm back in my own bed. I love my bed. It's the one thing I crave while I'm away.

Got to hear the Atlanta race on the radio - it's so cool. The announcers are wonderful, and I now understand why families clustered around the radio in the old days to listen to Fibber McGee, the Lux Theater, etc. Without the distraction of pictures, you can "see" anything you want. Maybe that's why I love books so much - my imagination can add whatever it wants to the story. Have you ever read a book with a cover of the hero or heroine on it, and after you finished, wondered what the hey the artist was thinking? Because, clearly, the characters in the book didn't look like that.

Looking forward to the Bristol race. Hope the weather improves. So far, Virginia isn't my favorite place to be this spring, which is unusual.