Aftermath, Anniversaries, and Away

The snow is finally melting. My daffodils, the ones not frozen to death, are giving it another try. It's hard to believe that a week ago, we had more snow than we've had in years and years. Being a Southern city, my hometown stopped dead in its tracks. Yep, no school, no video store runs, no nuttin', all because of a measly ten inches, LOL.

I'm off for warmer climes. A week in the sun, stacks of my to-be-read pile beside my deck chair, yummy meals cooked by someone else - yes, I'm feeling good just thinking about it. My beloved and I are celebrating our anniversary, our kids are tagging along to make sure we behave (as if they could make us!), and the garden will have to sort itself out while I'm gone. Vacation reading? Susan Elizabeth Phillips, for sure. A biography of John Adams. Elaine Pagel's The Gnostic Gospels. A Lee Child for my husband, as well as Craig Johnson's latest mystery. I may take some rough draft papers from the paranormal with me and read them away from the office. I'm never objective when the project is this close, but I'll try.

Did I mention how much I hate Daylight Savings Time? I'll never understand the idiotic thinking behind shifting the clock around. What a bother, as Winne the Pooh would say.