Yes! The Seekers is up!

After a long haul of re-reading and tweaking, playing with different covers and titles, I'm am so happy the first Mythmaker western is finally available on Kindle and Kobo.  (I have yet to figure out B&N.)  The Mythmaker series centers around Beth McFarland, army daughter and sister to Noble McFarland, army scout, and their lifelong friend, Johnny Two Hats, also a scout.  When Beth is captured by the Kiowa on her way back from school in the East, Noble and Johnny race to find her before she's killed.  Little do they know how resourceful she is.

As the Kiowa and Comanche, Johnny's mother's tribe, raid that summer for cattle and coups, Beth finds strength in forgiveness.  As she prays for the recovery of a small Kiowa boy, her only friend, she is healed of her anger at her captors and finds she is now an accepted healer, a woman of note. 

Johnny rejoins his tribe to try to track down Beth, and in so doing, discovers he is more Comanche than white.  Noble, heading another direction to rescue his sister, is struck by tragedy and pain, but also an unexpected love.  Their search for Beth leads both men in paths in their own lives they had never imagined possible.

As the tribes gather for the Medicine Lodge Treaty, Beth, Johnny, and Noble reunite one final time. Their lives will never be the same.