Whatever Lola Wants

You can see there's a new book if you've looked at the pictures of covers for my books on this site.  WHATEVER LOLA WANTS is finally up on Amazon, and I'm sorry it's taken so long. LOLA is the book I've been protecting for years now, since I just wasn't sure how it would be received. Since it involves some people I have come to love (the main characters as well as their supporting cast), I've been reluctant to submit them to any form of criticism.  LOLA is about a librarian approaching middle age in a small town in Georgia, who is trying to adopt a mixed race child.  Supported by the loving uncles who raised her, both of whom are gay, she thinks all is going well until Lola, the little girl, wants a father to dance with at the father/daughter dance.  From that day on, life spins out of control in the form of NASCAR driver who finds out the hottie he thought was a working girl, isn't; a husband who never got divorce; blackmail; a biological father showing up to assert parental rights; and a woman desperate to protect the child she hasn't yet formally been able to adopt.

Doing what is right for Lola is the hardest decision of all, for all parties involved.  I hope you like it, and that you'll fall in love with everyone in this story, just the way I did.