Movie Trivia and not so trivial

Has anyone seen "Winter's Tale?" Looking for a bit of a romantic flick, my Beloved and I bundled up and trekked through the icy temperatures to see it. I wish I could say I loved it. It's visually beautiful, Lady Sybil from Downtown Abbey (Jessica Findlay Brown) was stunning, and the premise, that there's a miracle for everyone if you can find it, is charming. Will Smith as Lucifer ("Lou" to his top henchman, Russell Crowe) steals the movie.

But my stars - who decided to cut Colin Farrell's hair in such an odd manner? It doesn't seem "period" nor is it attractive. Just odd. Distractingly odd. It was all I could see, and since he's in every scene, I wanted to grab a pair of shears and fix the floppy bangs. Rats. I really wanted to love this movie, and I feel trivial and petty complaining about something so minor, but cinema IS a visual medium.

On another note, Richard LeParmentia passed away at the age of 66, far too young. He was the Empire officer in the 1977 "Star Wars" film who mocked Lord Vader for  his "sad devotion to that ancient Jedi religion." He got an almost-strangling as payment for his lippiness, as Vader rumbles that he finds his "lack of faith . . . disturbing."  One of those seminal movie moments.  So sorry to hear about his passing.

We're heading to Roanoke for a play penned by another Hollins MFA candidate in play writing. BEN AND RITA will be performed at the Mill Mountain Theater. If it's half as good as Decision Height, we're in for a wonderful night of original theater.