I haven't run away...

Not yet, at any rate. Life has been, hectic, is the polite way to phrase it, I think. I have other, more pithy descriptions, but I'll rein myself in. It is, after all, getting to be that time when Santa is making her list. Don't need to add to the "naughty" column(s).

I'm so unprepared for Christmas, it's almost funny. Now, however, I understand last minute online shopping (with free shipping, too!). I made a foray to the mall, gritting my teeth and praying for a parking spot, only to find plenty of vacant spots. No festive crowds spending money, either! What gives? Has everyone else discovered the magic of online? I think I see a trend here.  (Sometimes I'm not the sharpest crayon in the box.) And honestly, there wasn't much available to make me whip out my credit card, either. A sweater here, some stocking stuffers there, but not the Big Gift array I was expecting.

And when did Barnes and Noble turn into a massive toy store? Just try to find a book! The helpful sales person assured me she could order the ones on my list, and a lightbulb exploded over my head. No thanks, I countered, I'll get them myself online. I didn't add they'd probably be cheaper.

By the way, bought the Trace Adkins Celtic Christmas album. Just a joy, is all I can say. Classic carols with cool arrangements. Helps a bit with the wishy-washy Christmas spirit deficit.

Hope you all are feeling merrier than I, and that you have a lovely Christmas.