It's all good/ Gina Ardito/ Barb Morgenroth

So I'm back to on my web site. Godaddy picked it up for me when it was finally released, bless their hearts. I have to say, their phone help people are really, really good. In this day of lackluster customer service, "Chelsea" in Mumbai who is unintelligible on the phone, and waiting for an hour for customer service to speak to you (Verizon, anyone), I'm going to be a Godaddy customer for life. (Godaddy in no way solicited this plug, I'm just a customer to them.)

So, I've just finished ETERNALLY YOURS by Gina Ardito. Go forth and buy it at Amazon, Kindle, wherever. Gina's voice is totally original, her story the same, and the depth of emotion and faith, yes, faith, very rare in a romance. The morality and belief in the rightness of love winning over evil is what really distinguishes this story that, on the surface, appears funny, frothy, and crazy, but isn't. There is a depth here that'll take you beyond your usual escapist fare, and make you think. Really think.

Barbara Morgenroth's WAITING FOR YOU has a new title, INHIBITIONS.  You'll still like it - and like Gina, she has a totally original voice and story.  I'm starting her YA BAD APPLE,  and all I can say is, Barb is a writer who is consistently original. Like Gina, I don't think she's ever heard of a box so it's no problem to write outside of one.

My faith in the whole epublishing deal is reinforced by reading authors like Ardito and Morgenroth. These women can write, really write.  I just hope I can keep up!