Am I Shallow?

Am I Shallow?

Okay, I can be. Can’t we all?  But I’m on a tear about my fav authors leaving me cold, so yeah, I feel a bit like a twit.  Hear me out, however.

1. Janet Evanovitch – will grandma ever stop going to funerals? Will Ranger ever be less than sexy? Will anyone in this series get out of the 80s? I think I quit with Easy Eights? Can't remember, it was such an annoying book.

2. “C” is for Couldn’t care less.  Sue Grafton, can we talk? Talk about a mystery series that should have grown up, too.  Why is everyone emotionally frozen in one time period? I quit several books ago.

3.  This one is hard for me. Very hard. James Lee Burke is one of my favorite writers.  I finally had time to get into The Glass Rainbow, and my stars, what the heck is going on?  Clete and Dave are so down on everyone, so judgmental; I want to slap them silly. If Burke was planning on this being the last Robicheaux book, I guess he decided to out with a bang of the irredeemable and totally f****d.   Two years later, and I read he has a new Robicheaux coming out, so I guess Dave didn’t bite the big one, but who knows about Clete?  They were such downers in Rainbow I kinda wished they’d taken the boat across the River Styx.  I sure think the women in his books would be better off without the Bobbsey Twins of NOPD. I get the feeling Burke was writing everything he’s ever wanted to say in Rainbow, but does it have to be so drawn out, so hammer-to-the-brain? 

4. And then there’s Craig Johnson’s LONGMIRE series. Adored the first three books. Liked the fourth one. The fifth was, um, okay.  Haven’t gone any deeper into them.  I must be in the minority, because the books are doing great.  The  TV series, not so much my cuppa.  Love mysteries, obviously, but these feel rushed.  And Katee Sackhoff just isn’t Vic, the fiery Italian.

Need to read something that doesn’t make me want to gnash my teeth on a car bumper. Any recommendations?