Jefferson Baths

The Jefferson Baths (Ladies Section)

We spent an hour, way back at the end of April, in these warm spring waters in the hills of Virginia.  We were staying at The Homestead, which owns the Jefferson Baths, and decided to try the experience. First of all, this is a photo of the roof reflecting in the water. Those lumps you can see (if you squint) are big rocks on the bottom of the pool. Water rushes continually through the bathhouse and is crystal clear and loaded with minerals. The roof itself is as rickety looking as the building around the pool (peeling wood, warping and not too stable-looking), and the skylight is open. The light from the holes in the roof dances around the water, and the effect is other-worldly.

If I were Dean Koontz, I'd open a horror novel here. Warm mineral waters, dancing sunlight, decrepit structure, yeah, just what the aliens like.

On another note, why doesn't The Homestead maintain the building better? I can understand retaining its historic integrity, but on the other hand, shouldn't it get a little help?