Shame in Virginia

I'm truly embarrassed to be a Virginian. Once a Commonwealth of revolutionary ideas and progressive thinking (the American Revolution, anyone?), it's now a bastion of old white men who think they can keep everyone in the 19th century.  Don't get me started on the segregation  or sex laws that were on the books until recently.  Or the recent anti-abortion state law our milquetoast governor signed.

However, today records a truly low point in our recent legislative history. Our Republican controlled government has rejected a gay prosecutor for a general district court judgeship. The obvious reason is: he's gay.  Openly gay.  Former fighter pilot.  By all accounts, a really good prosecutor.  As a former defense lawyer, I'd oppose his appointment simply because he's a prosecutor, and I'm tired of prosecutors on the bench.  And that's the only reason.

A judge needs an even temperament, the highest ethics, good legal chops, and the ability to keep control in the courtroom. I'm not aware that being gay disqualifies you from possessing any of these characteristics.

For shame, Virginia.