How could it go wrong? Peter Berg of Friday Night Lights, Taylor Kitsch and Jesse Plemons of the cast of FNL, and alien invaders. Yes! Add some great special effects, a real vet with metal legs in a hero's role ("I got this," says Mick as he faces down the alien monster), and my beloved and I had a great time. So some parts don't make sense (live bombs on the USS Missouri?), who cares? This is a movie-movie, with heroism, explosions, a love story, gutsy gals who kick ass (Rihanna? Really? Wow), and huge stakes, the survival of mankind. The story line follows the "make it worse" credo when it comes to the alien invasion, and we ate it up. So go! Ignore naysayers. Have some fun. You will, I promise.

We're trying to knock off some of our to-do list over the long weekend. Thankfully, the race in Charlotte gave us an excuse to sit. Kasey Kahne finally proved he deserves his seat with Hendrick, and I slept through the middle of the 600 miler. Awful coverage by Fox, but the race really is too long.

I may hide the to-do list tomorrow and pull out the Friday Night Lights DVDs and pull a marathon. Best thing that ever happened to TV. Except for season 2. Will skip that one. The rest are about relationships that seem so real, you would bet money you knew these people.

Everyone, fly your American flag tomorrow. Remember those who gave all for our nation. Say a prayer for peace.