Spiders and ants, oh my

I don't know if it's the heat, the drought, a combination of both, or simply that my house seems hospitable, but we've been webbed by spiders and attacked by ants to an extraordinary degree this year. Normally, I bat down only those webs that are the most obnoxious (which means most of them), and hope the spiders get the hint. This year, they aren't getting with the program. I swipe, they re-spin, I bat, they stick out their tongues at me and go "na-nanny-boo-boo." 

Don't get me started on the ants. If the afterlife is anything as described in Eastern philosophies, I'm heading straight to hell. Killing those little suckers has become all-consuming. They invaded the pantry, they drowned in the honey jar, they've gorged on dog and cat food left on the floor by accident. It's personal. I don't like chemicals around food, so I've had to throw away most of the pantry items, scrub with bleach, and start over. ARRGH. 

I get that they're persistent and they serve some greater good in our environment, but I'm out of patience. Patience. That which I do not possess.

Which leads me to uploading books for Kindle into the Amazon store. Hours of my life have dribbled away into the ether as I fool with the program.  It seems simple enough. Should be. So why am I half bald with tearing my hair out by the roots?

The good news is that I've finally (and I reiterate - FINALLY) managed to upload a collection of sweet, romantic short stories that I've written over time. These happen to be my favorites. They're fun to write, I take a break from the darker work, and sometimes they give me a giggle when I need one.
The title is: THE PATH TO LOVE, and it should be "live" in the next 24 hours or so.

I hope. If uploading it was as successful as fighting the ants, I'm in trouble.