What ever happened to...

Morals? Doing the right thing? Just plain, old - fashioned honesty? I guess cheating has become socially acceptable. I hear it's hard to stop it in the schools. I don't want to sound like a little Miss Goody Two Shoes (where did that reference arise?),but if I discover I've neglected to pay for something that was buried in a corner of my shopping cart (as happened last week with a tiny carton I didn't see when pulling stuff out for the conveyor belt), I'll go back into the store and pay for it. No big deal.

So I was totally taken aback while at a big box store today when I saw a nicely dressed, middle aged woman pop open a tube of hand cream and slather her hands with it. Right there in front of everyone, she put the used tube back on the shelf. I couldn't help myself, I blurted out "I hope you're going to pay for that." She gave me a disdainful glare and said "who are you, the manager?"

I almost went to find a manager, but I figured it was a lost cause. This woman was old enough to know better. This wasn't a store that put out samples for customers to try. She didn't give a rip that the person who ended up buying that hand cream was getting shortchanged. Talk about sticking it to the Golden Rule.

I gotta say, I wish shame hadn't gone out of style. That woman sure needed a dose of it.