More Daytona...

So I managed to stay awake long enough to see Michael Waltrip win the truck race on the 10th anniversary of his Daytona 500 win as a driver for Dale Earnhardt Inc. The tears were flowing, both in Victory Lane and in the Speed announcer's booth as Darrell Waltrip was remembering ten years ago along with everyone watching. What a race - Michael pulled out from behind Sadler with about a hundred yards to go and just beat Sadler to the line. I imagine Sadler didn't complain too much - the history of the moment trumped everything else.

Now for the NW race! Oh my, if this is half as good as the truck race, it's going to be a lulu.

Must make veggie soup so it can "work" while the race is on. I'll post the recipe, a family fav, when I get a chance.