Again, apologies

It's been ages, and I have no excuse other than Christmas, two birthdays (the 4th and the 20th) and the usual baking, cleaning, decorating, etc. You'd think I'd have enough experience under my belt to be organized. Harumph. I wish. The need to change it up always strikes, and that means starting from square one. I wish I could put the same decorations outside on the house year after year, and be done with it. But no, I have to rethink the scheme every year. And the house theme. Sigh. At least I like it, LOL. My poor husband has to come up with ways to make things work, shine, sparkle, etc., and so far he has never failed me. I still remember the year I had him drill holes in the Douglas fir and insert more branches to make the tree look fuller. He used glue and wire, and it worked.

The rains have been coming and coming, and then coming some more. Our yard looks like a swamp on one side and a lake on the other. I know we should be grateful for this surfeit of wet, but enough is enough. I have no idea how people live in the Pacific Northwest. I would turn into a lunatic with 350 days of rainfall.

I finished the first No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency - and have no idea why I didn't read it before. Charming. I'm surprised how faithful the first of the HBO series was to the book. Jill Scott is the perfect Mma Ramotose. Where's the third season, may I ask? I'm waiting. . . .

I'm terribly tempted with a new e-reader. The Nook looks cool, as does the Kindle. However, having been burned with the first e-reader, years ago ($500!), I'm taking my time. I LOVED that e-reader, which could take HTML content, but which is alas, now useless and gathering dust in a closet somewhere.

If I don't get back before Christmas, have a merry one. Be filled with joy and may your new year be one of constant blessings.